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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER)

ASPHER is the key independent European organisation dedicated to strengthening the role of public health by improving education and training of public health professionals for both practice and research.
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School of Public Health
UNIVERSITY: Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education


Prague, Czech Republic


School of Public Health

School of Public Health
UNIVERSITY: Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education


Prague, Czech Republic

The Institute for Postgraduate Medical Education (IPVZ) was established in 1953 by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The Institute was based on previous the Vocational Education Institute for Physicians and the Institute for Post Educational Level of Physicians and Pharmacists. The Institute is responsible for a postgraduate education of physicians, pharmacists and dentists as well as in involved in postgraduate education of non-medical health professions and continuing professional development. The Institute on behalf of the Ministry of Health shall prepare and organize the approbation examination of physicians, dentists and pharmacists who as foreign nationals have obtained medical qualification outside the European Union and wish to practice their profession in the Czech Republic and/or in the European Union countries.

In 2023, the Institute celebrates 70 years anniversary of its successful history. Since its inception, the Institute has demonstrated the ability to perform tasks in the area of specialization and continuing training of health professionals, which helps to increase the quality of education of doctors and improves the quality of health care in the Czech Republic.

Activities of the Institute, its management, organizational structure and economy are governed by the Statute of the Institute. The current Statute of the Institute is valid since March 22, 2018. Based on this Statute, the Institute has been an educational and scientific institution which provides conceptual, analytical, educational, methodical approach, including assessment, coordination, registration, and scientific and accreditation activities in the field of specialized education of medical health professionals. With contracted organizations provides methodological assistance in the field of lifelong learning. The Institute performs the tasks of the Ministry of Health and makes proposals and suggestions in order to improve the quality of postgraduate education of health professions.

Educational activities are regularly posted on the official board of education events and on the website of the Institute. Within specialized and lifelong learning the Institute offers a wide range of courses, internships, workshops and seminars. The Institute organizes mostly 2000 training events for more than 19 000 participants among physicians, dentists, pharmacists and paramedical health workers every year.

Apart from educational activities, however, the Institute also participates in the activities on conceptual, methodological, research and consulting tasks. There is formed a close cooperation base with the Ministry of Health, Faculties of Medicines, represented the Association of Deans of medical faculties, the National Centre of Nursing and Other Health Professions in Brno and other educational institutions, including the Czech Medical Association J. E. PurkynÄ›, the Czech Medical Chamber, the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists, the Czech Dental Chamber, but also with specialized and professional organizations abroad.

Currently, the Institute has over 90 educational centres (departments, the School of Public Health and learning workplaces). The educational centres are located in Prague as well as across the country, mainly within the university hospitals, medical faculties and other medical centres in Prague, Brno and Olomouc. The important parts of the Institute organizational structure are other offices and branches activities that ensure the realization of all the organized educational activities. The student service departments, which are located in Prague 10 and Prague 4, prepare all educational events and keep records of all learning activities, participants, lecturers and examiners to make a valuable database. The database contains all documentation relating to the attestation certificates, including other tests and training events. Electronic communication is used for all kinds of communication with people interested in education - receiving applications, sending invitations etc.

The Institute staff has been trying to prepare high-quality educational events and create a pleasant and motivating atmosphere in which it is taught. There are several modern equipped classrooms in the building of Hotel ILF in Prague 4 and additional classrooms in the headquarters building in Prague 10. Facilities allow students to use the most advanced multimedia teaching techniques and methods of effective training. Multimedia computer labs are used for interactive learning and assessing candidates within the pre-attestation training through tests. In order to solves test the Institute created a special test system, which is also used for the approbation written test for foreigners. The Institute is further developing blended-learning approach, which is fully welcomed by the participants to the Institute´s courses.

Hotel ILF facilities are also at a high level, including more than 320 beds, cafe, restaurant and other hotel services. These facilities are used for Institute educational events and also provide services for events organized by The Ministry of Health, professional societies, and organizing international congresses and conferences. The hotel will even more focus on a selected group of clients, doctors and the other healthcare professionals who acquire VIP club card or programs.

The future vision does not generate radical change in the mission of the Institute nor its organizational structure. The Institute will continue to build a trusted authority aimed at educating healthcare professionals and delivering expert activities in health sector based on changes in the educational system and in the entire health care system. The Institute can rely on the achievements and define new trends of strategies in constantly changing conditions. The vision is to maintain the central system of education of health professionals who will be creating cooperative teams to improve the quality of health care provided in the Czech Republic.


- Health policy with a focus on national, regional and local health policies and strategies
- Global health risks and global health priorities
- ?One Health? approach
- Agenda 2030 (UN), Health 2030 (Czech Republic)
- Health systems
- Healthcare management
- Public health law
- Medical law
- Population health analysis, quality and safety of health care, patient satisfaction
- Crisis management, risk management, preparedness and response to health risks
- Risk communication, community engagement and infodemic management
- Models of integrated health and social care, integrated care
- Health literacy
- Ethics and ethical communication across the health system
- Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation
- Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) & Evidence Based Public Health (EBPH)
- Modern methods of education of health care managers and health workforce in general (blended learning)

- Specialty courses on health legislation, health economy, medical ethics and ethical communication, mandatory for all health professionals before their specialty exams
- Specialty study programme in Public Health for medical doctors, dentistry doctors and pharmacists
- Master of Public Health programme for all interested in Public Health
- Specialty study programme in Healthcare Organization and Management for all non-medical health professionals
- Continuing professional development - LLL in the area of Public Health for all health professionals

SPH IPVZ SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES since March 2022: Support to the Ukrainian health professionals, war refugees to the Czech Republic: visit for more details
- Czech language courses: full-time courses and online courses (co-funded by the UNICEF)
- Bilingual webcasts focused on introduction to the Czech health system, supporting their integration in the Czech health system as health professionals as well as their preparation for the approbation exams (co-funded by the UNICEF)
- Cross-cultural communication courses (funded by the UNICEF)