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Call to participate: ASPHER undergraduate programmes

Publication date: 06.08.2020
Author: Department for Nursing and Health Sciences

Does your school run undergraduate programmes in public health or related areas? Is your university planning to further internationalise your programmes? Does Covid-19 limit your current internationalisation goals and visions? Do you want to explore new options for teaching, research and academic practice and join efforts to make already the next semester more attractive for students and faculty?

ASPHER is revitalising its undergraduate training agenda to align with the ASPHER 2025 Strategy and to take advantage of the opportunities it brings. The new undergraduate agenda will be devised in the coming weeks under the strong and committed coordination of the Department for Nursing and Health Sciences at Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Germany, to build a network with partners being interested in the internationalisation of their programmes.

Within the ASPHER undergraduate network, we want to explore cooperation opportunities at different levels. Therefore, we

  • would like to exploit online tools to back up our activities with a set of inputs (workshops, lectures, etc.) from other countries.
  • want to promote international cooperation between students, e.g. working on specific seminal or smaller tasks or even thesis projects.
  • are interested in starting cooperation for the development of module contents, e.g. for modules comparing health systems and policies, social and health inequalities, the global burden of disease or other global health issues.
  • envision a common, more structured reflection about public health core competencies, EPHOs, our programme profiles – for the further development of our programmes and informed motivation in student exchange.

Finally, we are interested in establishing an international “practice-partner network” – to cooperate in supporting our students doing internships or thesis projects abroad, as well as for international research programs - not only but also in “applied sciences”.

If you are interested in finding partners to work on one or more issues, or if you have further ideas to develop networks for internationalizing our Bachelor programs, please sign up for the ASPHER Undergraduate Network by contacting Kai Michelsen (, Jens Holst ( and ASPHER at We look forward to having you on board!


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