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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER)

ASPHER is the key independent European organisation dedicated to strengthening the role of public health by improving education and training of public health professionals for both practice and research.
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TIPH Series Inaugural Webinar: How our instincts to be healthy are making us sick
When: 21 Oct 2020
Organiser: United Arab Emirates University

The Institute of Public Health, College of Medicine, United Arab Emirates University is organizing a series of This is Public Health Webinars. The UAEU TIPH Webinars will be held on the third Wednesday of every month. 

The inaugural Webinar, entitled ‘How our instincts to be healthy are making us sick’ will be held on Wednesday, October 21st 2020 at 7 PM (Abu Dhabi time), 5 PM (Brussels time).  The speakers will be Prof. Louis Hugo Francescutti and Prof. Robert S. Barrett from Canada. 

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti is an emergency and preventive medicine physician, a university professor, and an international speaker. He was trained in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and is Past-President of the Canadian Medical Association, and Past-President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Francescutti has spent nearly three decades advocating one message: Live Smart. 

Dr. Robert Barrett has spent much of his life studying behavior, group dynamics, and organizational culture. His primary focus is on why we do the things we do and how individuals and teams can reach top performance. He has traveled to rural Nigeria to interview recruiters and leaders of death squads on how they indoctrinate fighters, he helped build Canada's first ever Patient Safety Officer program for Canadian hospitals, lectured on intercultural negotiation for senior Canadian Forces officers deploying to Afghanistan, and was lead researcher on a unique program designed to investigate ways to mitigate astronaut crew conflict in space for future Mars missions. 

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For the Zoom link to join the webinar click here.

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