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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER)

ASPHER is the key independent European organisation dedicated to strengthening the role of public health by improving education and training of public health professionals for both practice and research.
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ASPHER's Andrija Ĺ tampar Summer Educational & Tutoring School (ASSETS)
When: 15 Jul 2019 - 21 Jul 2019
Organiser: ASPHER
Contact: Cedric Slock

StamparWe all know that no matter how many times we read something out of a book, getting involved in addressing real life challenges is the moment when profound learning takes place!

Such challenges earmark your professional career and personal identity. It is here that mentoring from experts of recognized European and global prestige in Public Health and health systems can bolster your competences, professional self-esteem and career path.

The Andrija Stampar Educational & Tutoring Summer School offers an exclusive educational mentoring programme tailored to initiate such fruitful learning experiences.



To strengthen public health professionals in their field of expertise and professional identity trough the concept of career mentoring. at the hand of distinghuished and recognized experts in the field of public health.


Attain confidence and career guidance for ambitous professionals in the field of public health through meticulous mentoring and advice from iconic public health experts.

Course principles

Instead of a classical school with multiple lectures presented to a passive audience, we intend to give to the students the necessary prominence while at the same time they get the inspiration and support of mentors. We understand that a mentor aspires to provide wisdom, technical knowledge, support, empathy and respect, providing key hints for the graduate professional career. The idea is to ask each participant student (professional or aspiring public health professional) to bring a schematic idea, about a practical experience, project, master's thesis or doctoral thesis outline... within the public health and/or health system scope that can be presented in class in front of the experts and their peers. These presentations thus create the input of the subsequent real-world problem based mentoring session. We believe that innovative teaching is necessary for the present and future of education to help students professionals to reach their full potential. We all know that no matter how many times we read something out of a book, if we get involved in trying that something “hands on,” that makes all the difference; the concepts become unforgettable. Finally, we will also try to include teaching methods adapted to the era of social media for public health.

The guest professors/principal speakers will be experts of recognized European and world-wide prestige in Public Health and health systems in general, and in some field (for example NCDs, communicable diseases, environmental health, PH methods...) in particular.

For the ASSETS Course Programme click here.

Location venue

The Andrija Stampar summer school of 2019 shall take place in Brussels, the heart of Europe within the premises of the Maastricht University Brussels campus.

Target audience

Public health and healthcare managers, postgraduate public health students and professionals with a clear determination to broaden their personal and professional horizons in public health.

Social event(s)

Evening dinners:      Monday and Thursday

Culture:                     Guided city tour in Brussels on Saterday

Accomodation and meals

Participants must book their own accommodation. Lunch, coffee and water shall be provided by the public health training academy in addition to dinner on Tuesday and Thursday evening

Transport to the venue

Participant are responsible for their transportation to and from the venue.


Working language will be English


ASPHER member school alumni:                          € 1199*

non ASPHER member:                                           € 1600

*ASPHER alumni members are asked to pay the regular fee and receive reimbursement upon proof of affilitation. This proof of affilitation (name school of public health and your relationship to the school) must be send to

For more information visit the site of ASPHER's Public Health Training Academy.

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