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Fan focused February

Publication date: 29.02.2020
Author: Talk Public Health

Public health can be a thankless job. Nobody would ever think to mail you a grateful card for the blindness that they did NOT develop, nor the medical treatment expense that they did NOT have to pay.


And that was one of the reasons why we were especially keen to show our fans the appreciation that they deserve, be they public health professionals, students, or just friends of public health. In many ways, the podcast is already our loving gift to the public health community, but our subscribers are an extra special bunch. Not only have they endured our tentative baby steps, but they have been the first to encourage and congratulate us with every milestone.


We certainly feel like we cannot thank our subscribers enough, but in February, we did commit ourselves to trying harder with both our written and audio content. This included a whole extra subscriber-exclusive episode. Our BiTS (Behind The Scenes) for Episode 2 featured an entire 20 minutes of whistleblowing stories and reflections that, despite being ear candy in their own right, didn’t make it into the main podcast episode simply because we just had so much quality material! We also aired an extra promotional segment in collaboration with the team at SheffWHO 2020, the Sheffield World Health Organisation simulation.


As far as partnerships go, we have also collaborated with Eye on Global Health, one of the fantastic student initiatives at the University of Copenhagen. We’ve written a guest blog piece for them about our podcast, and we hope that our fans will take a look at their publication, too. And of course, there’s our official partnership with ASPHER. We have now completed our interim reporting requirements. In terms of writing, we have also become better newsletter correspondents with our fans, with a couple of newsletter issues and some additional reflective (and possibly informative) content there.


Phew! That was a big month for us, despite it being short! Luckily we have that extra day this year to catch our breaths, but we are certainly not resting! We are moving straight onto March, and onto our very next podcast episode. If you want to make sure that you don't miss a beat from us, make sure that you, too, have subscribed!

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