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REGISTRATION: ASPHER Deans' and Directors' Retreat - Athens 2016
16 Feb 2016

Dear ASPHER Members,

As you all know, this year being ASPHER’s 50th anniversary, is a very special year for the Association. The annual Deans’ and Directors’ Retreat, ASPHER’s main yearly event, will also be the summit of the anniversary celebrations. We therefore hope that you will all attend this year’s event from 25-27 May in Athens, Greece. Having the entire ASPHER community there will make the event truly memorable and reflective of everything the Association has achieved over the past 50 years.

Please go to the following link: http://aspher.org/forms/quest19/ to register. Here you will be able to register for the social events to be held during the Retreat as well as find information on recommended accommodation. Please note that this site also contains a link to the registration form for the General Assembly meeting, to be held on the first day of the Retreat. You will need to sign the form and send it back. We ask you to register by Friday, March 25th; please note hotels will not offer promotional rates past this date.

We will keep everyone updated regarding the retreat as well as other events planned within the context of the anniversary. Please go to http://aspher.org/news,85.html for a synopsis of the happenings of 2015 and plans for 2016.

More info regarding the Retreat and other key happenings will follow soon.

Thank you for your dedication, and we look forward to commemorating ASPHER’s anniversary with all of you.

Best wishes,
ASPHER Secretariat

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